Tips for Staying Secure Without EMV [Infographic]


The EMV liability shift has come and passed. If you haven't upgraded your paymentterminal, you could be liable for costly chargebacks by accepting fraudulent credit cards. Here's how to stop fraud before it starts: 
  1. Damaged Magnetic Stripe. Before manually entering the card number, ask for ID or another card.
  2. Hologram Sticker. The sticker forged on cards often has a dull two-dimensional look. This is hard for a thief to duplicate and simple for you to spot.
  3. Microprint. Typically, the microprint duplicates the first or last four numbers of the account number. This level of security may seam extreme, but this small detail nabs close to 80% of all thieves. 
  4. Signature Strip. The strip should be a different material than the surrounding plastic. It may be easy to forge a signature, but duplicating the genuine material is not so simple. 
  5. Suspicious Behavior. Don't be fooled by the kindly old gentleman or mom with an adorable baby... anyone can be a criminal. Customers behaving nervously, creating distractions, or rushing the purchase are warning signs. 

- Original Blog Post by Heartland Payment Systems


What Heartland Does to Protect and Warn You About Chargebacks


• Makes sure that reported cards are closed

• Monitors for issuer/customer abuse and looks for patterns

• Monitors for incomplete or incorrect disputes

• Offers a Free Breach Warranty - click here  to learn more about Heartland Secure™


For more information or to contact a Heartland rep, Click Here

Posted by Kelly McCahon

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