Refurbished POS Hardware

Refurbished point of sale (POS) hardware is used POS equipment that has been through a thorough refurbishment process and brought back to its original condition and performance. This used hardware typically comes from sources such as customer upgrades, store closings, demonstration units, etc. Depending on the product’s life cycle, refurbished hardware can be a few months to several years old.

What are the benefits of buying refurbished from ReSource POS?

  • Lower cost for similar quality performance
  • 1 Year RPOS warranty
  • RPOS has been refurbishing all hardware in house for over 13 years

What is the process ReSource uses to refurbish point of sale hardware?

  • Initial inspection (involves complete disassembly)
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Replacement of worn out or defective parts
  • Painting (if needed)
  • Rigorous testing 
  • And, for POS terminals - a burn trial is performed (a year’s worth of stressful activity is simulated to expose any hidden cracks or issues that need to be addressed to ensure smooth operation)

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