Advanced Exchange Depot Repair [Definition]

Advance Exchange Depot Repair is a program that offers next-day delivery of failed point of sale and IT hardware. Once the issue is reported, ReSource will overnight the shipment of replacement hardware (staged and ready to go with instructions) to ensure your system is back up and running quickly and efficiently. Simply pack the failed hardware into the same box your replacement cam in, affix the pre-paid return label, and call FedEx for pick up.  
Advanced Exchange Depot is the most popular program amongst retail and hospitality operators alike, as it significantly minimizes downtime, leading to increased sales and stable operations. Depot programs can be set up for owned hardware and/or hardware purchased directly from ReSource Point of Sale. Our POS and IT technicians have a great amount of experience and take pride in cleaning, repairing, and refurbishing each depot device before it goes out the door. 


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